About Us

Atal Satya (a unit of Rizel Digital Media) is a news and current affairs website. We publish opinion articles, analysis of issues, news reports (curated from various sources as well as original reporting).


AtalSatya was conceptualized and launched in March 2020 by Prateek Malhotra. Who can be contacted at [email protected] or @PmMrCooL on Twitter. Our registered office is in Amritsar.


Atal Satya, founded in 2020, is owned by Rizel Digital Media, a digital media company formed in India in 2017. Prior to Dec 2017. Rizel Digital Media is partly funded via personal savings of the founder of Atal Satya. Micropayments from common readers and visitors to the website play a crucial role in financing the operations of Atal Satya.


Atal Satya is available in Hindi. You can visit Atal Satya here and find more about it. If you need more information about us, please contact us.

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